Hello their,

I've been using backtrack for sometime now and I like it a lot. I've got fairly compliant with hacking 802.11 enabled devices but now I would like to move on to something else because I'm getting bored of this area.

I now wish to learn more about the RFID. I know where they are used how (in simple form) they work. I would like to ask the following questions;

1) What hardware should I buy? (For example; Wireless hacking requires a card that is capable of been put into monitor mode and packet injection)

2) What software is popular with viewing, editing, saving and emitting RFID signals? (Like Aircrack-ng suite but for RFID. And preferably already in Backtrack)

3) Is there any papers or other information I should read before or while I learn about this new area or interest for me?

Thank-you for you time