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Thread: Ettercap port stealing

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    Default Ettercap port stealing

    Hi there,

    I'm having some problems with ettercap and port stealing.
    I want to monitor my home network this way. to get a good impression what my kids are doing on the internet.

    I'm running BT5

    IP forwarding is enabled
    When i ran Ettercap -T -Q -P autoadd -M arp //gateway // its all working fine it get
    But when i run Ettercap -T -Q -P autoadd -M port //gateway // nothing is happening.

    I'm seeing that its scanning for hosts and find some.
    It enables the pluggin autoadd
    starting port stealing...

    after this it stops
    The box i'm using doens't have iptables enabled
    Both the GUI id are set to 0

    What am i doing wrong???

    Can somebody help me correct it?

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    Default Re: Ettercap port stealing


    Are there any other tools who can do portstealling on a switch?
    i dont mean easy dectected tools like camof which flows the cam table.


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