Have been reading this forum for a long time, but first post here.

I got a problem with ettercap. I think I have done everything correctly but am unable to sniff credentials entered in my localhost local login page. The steps are as follows:

1. Saved a login page. (its not HTTPS.) and put it in my localhost

2. Connected an AP to the machine. IP of AP is and IP of machine is

3. started apache

4. Started ettercap in same machine as well as in another machine too (not at the same time) enabling dns_spoof and autoadd plugin. Command was
ettercap -T -q -M ARP:remote // // -i eth0 (wlan1 if in another machine) -P dns_spoof
I have everything setup in ettercap, uid,guid to 0, uncommented iptables, dns_spoof to my machine ip.

5. dns_spoof works well, it redirects anyone who is connected to my localhost with login page. but when I enter user name and password in the login page and hit enter/submit.. ettercap is unable to sniff anything. I have tried using ettercap with iptables and sslstrip too.

So, please point out if anything i did was wrong, or help me to get it work.
Also, the same login page works fine with airbase-ng.
Thanks in advance.