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Thread: BT 5 Installation fails

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    Default BT 5 Installation fails

    Hey everyone,

    I just installed BT5 on my VirtualBox machine, but after the installation the shortcut to install BT5 on the desktop of the live CD appears also on the desktop of the installed system. There are also no options in the administration menu, except the system monitor.

    From this one can infer that maybe the installation has failed, although no error message appeared during the installation process.

    I hope you can understand my problem and someone can help me.

    PS: I tried the process 5 times, every time the same problem.
    Link to a picture of the desktop

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    Default Re: BT 5 Installation fails

    Your installation doesn't fails. You installed your BT 5 times.
    Delete the shortcut from the Desktop after the installation.

    Problem solved

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    Default Re: BT 5 Installation fails

    Well this is one of the better posts I have read on this forum. Definitely in the top 5 .
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