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Thread: Dual boot installation: Manual Partition

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    Default Dual boot installation: Manual Partition

    Hi guys,

    This is my first ever BT install so having a bit of trouble, hopefully you can help me out. Basically I have 500gb Hard Disk partitioned into two:

    C: 100gb containing windows 7
    D: 400gb containing other data

    Now I wanted to use the "side by side" installation option and install BT5 on my C drive. It has about 60gb free so lots of space there. Problem is that the guided option is offering to partition my D drive and install BT there instead of C, which I really do not want. Since I want to do a dual boot, "Erase and use entire disk" seems out of the question. Which brings me to manual partition. Now if I manually partition my C into 2 of lets say 70gb Win7 and 30GB bt5+swap. Will this corrupt my windows partition or my windows data?? What is the proper way of doing what I want to do?

    I hope you understand my problem, thanks for helping

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    Default Re: Dual boot installation: Manual Partition

    Best not to do that.
    There a way to install BT dual boot with windows7.(i'm using this method was)
    Before install BT5 you must need a free space(you can use windows DISK Manager to compression space from your C: or D: and delete the new you have a free space on your DISK.)

    After booting BT5 with USB or others. click install file on your desk.

    During the installation process you need to manual partition.and redistribution the free space.(you can give 200M to boot and give 1024 to swap and all the rest to the /)

    and netx you can manual the grub.(if you install BT5 the default value is correct,if you install BT4 you must be choose sda or hda,otherwise the grub does not work).

    At now you done.

    Forgive me broke english.

    Good luck.

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    Default Re : Dual boot installation: Manual Partition

    Hi; Iam a new in backtrack 5 , i saw a video in the net that shws me how to dual boot backtrack 5 and windows 7 but i have a windows XP installed on my hard drive, The problem is in step number 4 the guide dosen't give me an option to install a side by side , only two options which are :erase XP or manually partionning the disk !! Please help me

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