Hi guys,

This is my first ever BT install so having a bit of trouble, hopefully you can help me out. Basically I have 500gb Hard Disk partitioned into two:

C: 100gb containing windows 7
D: 400gb containing other data

Now I wanted to use the "side by side" installation option and install BT5 on my C drive. It has about 60gb free so lots of space there. Problem is that the guided option is offering to partition my D drive and install BT there instead of C, which I really do not want. Since I want to do a dual boot, "Erase and use entire disk" seems out of the question. Which brings me to manual partition. Now if I manually partition my C into 2 of lets say 70gb Win7 and 30GB bt5+swap. Will this corrupt my windows partition or my windows data?? What is the proper way of doing what I want to do?

I hope you understand my problem, thanks for helping