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Thread: Graphics on Macbook pro

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    Default Graphics on Macbook pro

    Hi running a harddrive install of backtrack 32bit gnome on my macbook pro 7.1 with Intel HD graphics/NVIDIA GeForce GT 320M.

    I manege to run startx but the screen is set to the resolution 800x600 and the display is labeled as "unknown"

    Anyone has an idea of how to solve the problem?

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    Default Re: Graphics on Macbook pro

    You can use Intel HD graphics.not recommended use NVIDIA. there som proble with NVIDIA after installed NVIDIA Driver for me.

    At now i'm useing Intel HD graphics everything is ok.

    you can do this:

    edit the file /etc/default/grub change text splash nomodeset vga=791 to text splash nomodeset to i915.modeset=1

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    Default Re: Graphics on Macbook pro

    I had a similar issue booting BT5 on my MacBook. In my case the display was correctly detected at native color depth and resolution, but it was all fuzzy. Vertical lines racing up and down the screen like an old TV on a bad channel. I tried the grub line mod noted above (thanks for that!) and the lines went away, but the Intel HD drivers would only allow my screen to go up to 1024x768 resolution.

    Better, but not ideal.

    Are the nVIDIA drivers just old or what?

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