when i run this command
root@bt:~# aireplay-ng --test mon0
i get this
10:14:37 Trying broadcast probe requests...
10:14:39 No Answer...
10:14:39 Found 1 AP

10:14:39 Trying directed probe requests...
10:14:39 98:F5:37:32:4B:E8 - channel: 1 - 'ANOOJ'
10:14:45 0/30: 0%

does it mean it ain;t support injection ,so i can't capture wpa handshake?
by the way i captured a wep key before ,but the authentication often fails ,i got it once by chance and went on to capture the ivs
i have a-signal king 9 dbi antenna ,it ain't doing well so i 'm aiming to buy new one
any suggestions?
sorry for my bad english