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Thread: Problems on installing graphics driver

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    Default Problems on installing graphics driver

    Hi Guys,

    first of all I'm new here and i wanted to say hello to all of you.
    I've used BT 4 for a long time as live distro, but now with the release of BT 5 i decided to install it as my second OS with gnome desktop. After the installation, i couldn't start the x server. After searching the web for a solution, I edited the parameter GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT in the /etc/default/grub file. I removed the "nomodeset" string and updated grub. After reboot i could start the X server and my graphics were OK, but i cannot change the resolution and use the 3D effects because the proprietery drivers aren't installed. I'm using an Nvidia Geforce 7025. So I tried to install the package nvidia-current package via apt and after installation i was asked if i want to create an xorg.conf file because there was no xorg file found on the system. Allright, on BT 5 it seems that there is really no xorg.conf file in the default directory /etc/X11. So i confirmed the dialog with OK and rebooted my system. But after reboot, I am not able to start the X server one more time. Can you please help me? I grow desperate.....

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    Default Re: Problems on installing graphics driver

    Download your Cards latest version from the Nvidia site. I renamed mine as i cant be bothered with all the numbers etc lol.
    change to the directory its in and type in sh

    This should be done out of xserver so log out and do it at the prompt.
    let it write its own on the dialog as before . when done try startx again see if it worked

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