Hi everyone, im trying to combine some wordlists i have as they are mainly small files 16-17kb although one or 2 are nearer 2gb but i dont want to do the large ones just yet incase it all goes wrong!

the command im using is

root@bt:~# cat /root/Desktop/Passwordsall/Passwords/try5 /root/Desktop/Passwordsall/Passwords/try6/>bigfile.txt

Firstly i know im missing something, The code works but starts putting out info like this....

/root/Desktop/Passwordsall/Passwords/junk: line 1: aardvark: command not found
/root/Desktop/Passwordsall/Passwords/junk: line 2: aazq: command not found
ab: wrong number of arguments

So its reading the lines and trying to run the password as a command??
It then carrys on running scritp trying to run putting out this kinda info......
/root/Desktop/Passwordsall/Passwords/jargon: line 621: bbl: command not found
/root/Desktop/Passwordsall/Passwords/jargon: line 622: bbn: command not found
/root/Desktop/Passwordsall/Passwords/jargon: line 623: bbnlisp: command not found
/root/Desktop/Passwordsall/Passwords/jargon: line 624: bboard: command not found
/root/Desktop/Passwordsall/Passwords/jargon: line 625: bboards: command not found

I know im missing a command somewhere and im off back to the drawing board later to try and figure it out but any help in the mean time is totally appreciated.

Cheers, P.s I am a newbie