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Thread: HD space requirements?

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    Default HD space requirements?

    this should be a relatively easy one for some... what are the harddrive requirements for backtrack 5. Apologies if this is posted somewhere but a google search came up empty. I have winndows 7 on a netbook with a 16 gb harddrive... im unable to shrink my windows partition enough to install BT alongside so im resorting to a USB stick, Its asking me persistance so i can save changes, How much will the os take up, and how much will i be able to set persistance... thanx

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    Backtrack 5, "I" recommend a minimum of 12GB partition.
    Since you're low on space, why not use a virtual machine? So you can expand the virtual hard drive as needed.

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    Hello j0eh4x,

    Since you cannot decrease your Windows partition you are left with the following options;
    [1] Keep using the thumb drive
    [2] Run it virtually
    [3] Format it run Backtrack only

    Now option number two which espreto also mentioned will eat just about 8 gigabytes of your hard drive if your running the Gnome 32 bit version.

    It comes down to what you want

    If you have the disk space and would like to keep your Windows installation you should go with the virtual solution. But if you don't have the disk space I would have kept using the thumb drive. If your Backtrack install still doesn't have sufficient space you could consider investing in a bigger (and faster) thumb drive. And lastly if you don't care about your Windows install just format it.

    Hope it helps!

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