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Thread: How to display my WIFI MAC address

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    Default How to display my WIFI MAC address

    I'm using the Backtrack Live CD and I tried to follow the instructions as on the backtrack video, but the step where my own WIFI address is shown (the "cat something" command) doesn't work... Which altenative command could I use to display my own MAC address?

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    ifconfig or iwconfig should work.

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    LOL if you don't even know will not go far away in using bt...
    i fell helpful to day so ....

    go in shell
    type "macchanger --show rausb0"(should be eth0 or something else according to your card)
    with macchanger you can also fake a mac...

    or simple way "ifconfig -a" will show you all cards even not upped card details...
    Watch your back, your packetz will belong to me soon... xD

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    Yeah, well, everybody started out small, right?
    Thanks for the help anyway.
    Now, the trouble is actually not so much me not being able to find my own MAC address, but that it's "Not Associated" with anything:

    Iwconfig reports my devices, but none of them associated with anything:
    macchanger -s ath0 reports:
    Current MAC: 0e:40:xx:xx:xx:xx (unknown)

    I start to run into trouble a bit later when I use this:
    airepla-ng -1 0 -e belkin -a [AP's MAC] -h [my MAC] ath0
    when I get this answer:
    The Interface MAC (0E:40:96etc) doesn't match the specified MAC (-h).
    ifconfig ath0 hw ether 00:40:96etc

    However, the information ends with "Association succesful"

    Any idea what's going on?

    Thanks again!

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    are you talking about in general when you try to connect to the internet? or when you are trying to inject packets?

    As for the general. i get the same problem sometimes...well it's not a problem. i am inded connected to an AP and it shows so but in kwifi manager it says i am not associated. Not a problem and i just ignore it.

    But this did not help you, im just ranting hah.

    Please be a little more specific on the issue.

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