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Thread: bt5 on samsung galaxy s

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    Default bt5 on samsung galaxy s

    hi there,
    is mandatory to have an external sd in order to install bt5? 'cos i have 5+gb in the internal memory

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    Default Re: bt5 on samsung galaxy s

    A better idea would be to try it and let us know.
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    Question I've experienced some errors

    /data/local/sdcard/BT5 # sh bootbt
    mkdir failed for -p, File exists
    Loop device exists
    sysctl: applet not found
    chroot: applet not found
    Shutting down BackTrack ARM For Xoom

    My GT I9000 returns this errors... I've installed busybox on sdcard and to the BT5 folder...

    Unfortunately i'm a newbie... How can i solve it?

    I will appreciate a little help.

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    Default Re: bt5 on samsung galaxy s

    i just have the same problem , plz help guys,

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