Hi all! I was posted this topic in "Backtrack"sector, but I think that I must move here. Here they are a copy of old one:

Hi there! I have a big problem and really going crazy... I reading and reading,but still cant understand why I cant associate with AP. I write "aireplay-ng -1 0 ..." and receive:

Sending Authentication Request
Authentication successful
Sending Association Request

and after few messages like this I see:

Sending Authentication Request
Authentication successful
Sending Association Request
Got a deauthentication packet

My question is does my wireless card need to be able to do injections, so will be able to do and succecefull asociation? Becouse I am not shure that my card can do injection attacks. Or just explain me possible reasons for failed association. I hope that someone will help me. Thanks!

P.S. Using laptop Compaq 6715s with wireless adapter Broadcom BCM4311 801.11g. Backtrack4 R2 on bootable flash drive.

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Then one guy told me that I must test my wireless card for injections with aireplay-ng -9 mon0

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Here they are my answer:

Just right now I test my card with: aireplay-ng -9 mon0

Injecrion is working!
Found 4 APs
Trying directed probe requests

(one of them is network that i try to crack)
XX:XX...XX channel... "name"...
Ping (min/avg/max): 2.688 ms / 13.838 ms / 24.648 ms
30/30 100%

Now I want to know what I must write in console to see what is the reason of failed association.

When I use this method (Use this becouse this is wifi signal with no user! Data grows like clock seconds):

airmon-ng start wlan0 3
aireplay-ng -1 0 -e "..." -a XX:XX... -h XX:XX... mon0

And when receive "Got aut.. packet" i press CTRL+C and what I must write in console to give you information that you want? Probably tcmdump but i don't know parametres after that.

Second method I use:

-airodump-ng -c 3 --bssid XX:XX... -h XX:XX... -w exapmle mon0
-aireplay-ng -1 0 -a XX:XX...XX mon0

In this case i receive four files on my desktop and which one I must open to see reason of failed association? Or may be I must write somethink in console?
But you must know that in this case I see different error!! :

Sending Authentication Request (Open System)
Switching to shared key authentication
Read XX packets... (XX- randomly changed numbers)
(after a while):

Sending Authentication Request (Shared Key)
Authentication 1/2 succesful
You should specify file (-y) with atleast 148 keystreambytes
Trying shared key fake auth...
Sending encrypted challenge
Challenge failure

Hope this will be enough for solution of the problem. Thanks