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Having the same issue. I changed UPX_PATH in /pentest/exploits/set/config/set_config



and I still get the following error in SET:
[*] UPX packer not found in the pathname specified in config. Disabling UPX packing for executable!

/pentest/web/scanners/sqlmap/lib/contrib/upx/linux/upx appears to be the correct path - so I'm stumped.

Running BT5_GNOME-VM-32 image.

Also - I can verify that setting DIGITAL_SIGNATURE_STEAL to OFF fixes the UPX issue... definitely something odd going on with config has both set.
I don't think the DIGITAL_SIGNATURE_STEAL is an issue per se. If you read the release notes for s.e.t. 1.4, you can see what is being done there.

The thing about set_config is that is allows you to change variables within an attack vector, based on the results you're trying to achieve.