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Thread: No Shutdown

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    Question No Shutdown

    after X session logout, from the command prompt...

    issuing a "shutdown -h now" produces only a "Backtrack 5" screen, but does not shut the system down. Tested from live USB and Virtualbox

    Bt5 32bit KDE4

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    Try updating your video driver. I have the same/similar problem on my ATI HD 5620 using the native Backtrack drivers but once I get the driver from ATI installed that problem goes away. *Just a suggestion*

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    Preess enter!!

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    Or try "poweroff"

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    Don't use shutdonw,use poweroff

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    Same issue here except it's when I issue the command "sudo halt " it just hangs on the Backtrack 5 wallpaper and never gets past that point. i'll try the "power off" command and see how that goes, thanks!
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