Hello,my machine is packard bell amd64, 3gb ram, 250gb hdd and windows vista. i am working on baktrack 5 r2, os : linux 3.2.6 xorg server 2: 1.7.6-2ubuntu7.11. And i have this issue i canīt install geforce 7000m / nforce 600m driver, i try and try diferents drives but the result is all ways the same backtrack (os linux bt 3,2,6) canīt start the startx because they donīt found drivers.So i thing what going wrong and at the cmd prompt try the "lspci" comd,and it his what hapen the operating system donīt recognize the gpu.
on the firts picture on widows is (my) gpu working fine, on the secund photo is under linux, they only recognize that vga compatible. until i canīt find the way to the operating system recognize the gpu im done , help me please.
and by the way congratulations for your being i am already thanks for your know how!