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Thread: Probably the biggest waste of time...but I'm OCD

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    Default Probably the biggest waste of time...but I'm OCD

    I live in America, I'm travelling in Germany right now. I don't have any of my BT5 discs with me and I went through Hell and high water to get BT 4 working with audio and wireless so I was going to see if I could do the same thing with BT5. Being a tad OCD, I couldn't wait the two weeks until I got home, so I downloaded the version of 5 I wanted and have been searching around for a few days on how to get it installed without using any media. All of my stuff is back home. I installed VirtualPC but I'm afraid that's only going to install BT on the virtual partition that program created. Is there any way I can get BT5 installed on my laptop without using thumb drives or discs? Does anybody know of a way to unpackage the files so I can access the to start the install? I'm probably wasting my time but I like to do things different but if there's no way to do it, then so be it. I just thought I'd ask.

    Yes, you can install without a disc but I took the higher road and just bought some discs and burned it.
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