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Thread: BT5 desktop settings

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    Default BT5 desktop settings

    My desktop wallpaper and settings change when I don't login as root. I also noticed that the GUI is different. It looks like BT5 apparently blocks users from copying the root acnt config. Some applications such as Chrome wont load when I'm logged in as root. Can anyone explain why? It seems like a profile config issue.

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    VLC & Chrome won't load as root because in the unlikely event that some kind of linux based malware gets past them it would potentially be much more catastrophic than it would be running as root. There are plenty of alternatives that work just fine as root and I've heard of people running those programs as root by modifying some line in a hex editor. I attempted it once but it didn't work & I didn't care enough about it to try harder, so you'd have to pursue that knowledge.
    As with settings, just move all of your images that you use as backgrounds into the File System folder so that all users can see them and recalibrate all your setting to be as similar as possible too root's. It's obnoxious but it's about the only way, unless you can highlight & copy the entire root acnt. config. & email to yourself. Then switch to the new user, create a file, copy everything in, & stick it in the right spot...
    That's completely hypothetical though and I may or may not have any idea what I'm talking about. I'm really tired

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