Here's Gparted screenshot from backtrack :

Windows Disk Management:

I need your expert advice on this guys. Help me out. I currently have dual boot windows 7 and backtrack installed on my C: drive. Now I want to completely remove backtrack from my system and have only windows 7 on there. What's the best way to delete the partitions of backtrack along with grub and have just windows 7 running? I don't want to do it wrong by deleting any partitions that belongs to backtrack and then end up with some boot up error afterwards when loading windows 7.

I ran backtrack LIVE CD and tried to see if I could delete the sda2, sda5, sda6 but sda 2 and sda 6 have those yellow lock icons on them and could not be accessed or modified.

So yeah, I want backtrack and grub out of my system. and resize my C: drive back to the way it was when only windows 7 was installed. Should I delete the backtrack partitions using LIVE CD Gparted or delete the partitions in Window's Disk Management?