While we know that not all of the BackTrack Linux users are experts in using linux, we ask that you do a bit of research before asking a question here. Try searching the forums for similar threads/posts, look on google and or the ubuntu forums. It is very likely that someone has experienced a similar problem that you are. Doing this will help you to not only learn about linux, but help resolve your issue faster.
This is important to not only get the best help available, but to also possibly help others in the same or similar situations.

When making a post the following is a bad example:
Hi, I just started using linux and I can't get my wireless card to work. I know it works with windows.
This helps absolutely no one!
A better example would be:
I am using a (model of wireless card) with BT 64bit and I am having trouble connecting to a WPA encrypted access point. Here is my lsusb or lspci output as well as dmesg | tail.

This example not only describes a problem, but it allows others who have may the same type of hardware help provide solutions.

Failure to provide adequate information will likely result in your post being deleted from the forums. Repeat offenses may incur infractions.