This is about KDE version 32 and 64bit on a LiveCD as I have not chosen to install to my HDD yet, pending on how these questions are answered/solved.

Also I was not sure where to post this so I just put it here.

Alright lets start; I have burned KDE 64 bit and 32 bit onto DVD's and done an initial skin over them both. First off when at the grub screen I see quite a few options, however I noticed that on the 64bit the first option is default text mode...however a few more options down and there it is again. I noticed however that on the 32bit this is No DRM Drivers.

Question 1: Is this a typo? Is the second text option on the 64bit KDE grub screen supposed to say No DRM as it does on the 32bit?

Question 2: What is the DRM driver? I have read two definitions from google but I would like a link or quick explanation of what it is as I am unclear.

Next I noticed that on BOTH the 64bit and 32bit KDE versions that the first option when loading goes to the normal screen of the window and then halfway through the boot output it flashes black....and then goes to JUST text while the No DRM(32Bit)/Second Text(64Bit) options flash to black, but then go back to the original graphic screen of a smaller window with the BT5 graphics surrounding it. (Which is what led me to think that since they both act the same that the No DRM and Second Text option are the same thing).

Question 3: Is the way the OS starts up supposed to be the same in both the Default Text and No DRM option? With the bash window surrounded by graphics?

Lastly there is a problem with my WiFi connectivity/wicd network manager GUI, but only only on the 64bit version, what happens is once I boot it up and go to the network manager then go to connect to my AP it stalls at making sure that I am disconnected from all other connections, I also have the same problem when I click the disconnect tab on the wicd network manager GUI. What happens is it freezes, a few seconds later the light indicating my caps lock is on begins to flash, and then it reboots the machine. This ONLY happens on the 64bit as I've not had this trouble with the 32bit version of the KDE flavor.

Question 4: Is there a fix for this so I can connect to the internet via the 64bit? Or is it just that the 64bit versions are a bit...untested/buggy as hell?

REMEMBER!!! This is all on a LiveCD of each version of the KDE flavor, 32 and 64bit.

I have not chosen to install to HDD yet.

Thank you for taking the time to read my post and answer my questions.