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Thread: AWUS036H r8187 insight/ help?

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    Exclamation AWUS036H r8187 insight/ help?

    First I'd like to thank the makers/supporters of backtrack. Awesome.

    I'm not sure where to go. Here or aircrack forums.

    The Alfa AWUS036H works right out of the box.
    Secondly I have a question, whats the point of having this card if you can't capture your own injected pockets. or is it only with the RTL8187 drivers?

    Injections works like a charm, capturing those pockets does not work at all.

    This is what I found on aircrack-ng

    Broken SKA error message

    You receive “Broken SKA: <MAC address> (expected: ??, got ?? bytes)” or similar. When using the ”-S” option with values different then 128, some clients fail. This message indicates the number of bytes actually received was different that the number requested. Either don't use the option or try different values of ”-S” to see which one eliminates the error.
    which is what im getting when capturing packets with airodump.
    read somewhere else capturing your own packets is impossible.

    Now to the point. Any solutions? maybe revering back to old drivers fixes problem?
    And if not what card would you recommend to buy that supports ALL functions of aircrack suite but still has high range like the alfa or even better. Thanks
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