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    Default Permission Denied

    Hello all,

    I am having trouble installing a driver on BT5. I seem to not have the permission to do so but I am logged in as root. I am a noob at linux so its probable something simple. I have tried changing the file permissions to "read and write" but still I get nothing. Any help would be appreciated ! I am running BT5 64 using "VMware player" on windows 7. Here is the terminal log:

    cd /root/rtl8187se_coffee
    root@bt:~/rtl8187se_coffee# ./makedrv
    bash: ./makedrv: Permission denied

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    Default Re: Permission Denied

    What are the permissions currently set as? My guess is that you need to make it executable but I'm just stabbing in the dark.

    chmod +x makedrv

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    Default Re: Permission Denied

    Hi, a bit of google search would have helped you.
    the issue is related to kernel.
    anyway your solution is here :

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    Default Re: Permission Denied

    Need to change permisson to the file makedrv
    chmod 777 makedrv or as stated by dec1bel: chmod +x makedrv
    Good Luck

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