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Thread: gerix wifi cracker

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    Question gerix wifi cracker

    hello , I watch a video in order to crack the WPA key and everything goes well when the last time you add wpa bruteforce cracking dictonary / root / 1 I click on aircrack-ng crack wpa password. A window tells me this "fopen (dictionary) failed: No such file or dictionary
    opening / root / .gerix-wifi-cracker/sniff_dump-01.cap.

    This stage I do not understand what should I do?

    Thank you for your reply

    video :

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    Default Re: gerix wifi cracker

    You have to refer to a dictionary list on your computer. In Backtrack it is located in
    The file is called darkc0de.lst

    It would be a good idea to download other lists and put them in that directory.


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