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Thread: Unicornscan (with PostgreSQL and web front end) Install Script

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    Default Unicornscan (with PostgreSQL and web front end) Install Script

    I've written an automated install script for Unicornscan compiled with PostgreSQL support and web front end files.

    It gives you a choice as to install using the existing /opt/framework3/postgresql/ that listens on 7175 or install a new instance of PostgreSQL that will listen on the default port.

    It includes some patching of the web files and source as well as some other fixes to get it to compile properly but it works and I've tested it on BT5-gnome-64.

    Script can be found here:

    EDIT: for those who used version 0.1 of the script, version 0.2 added a few lines to remove the local OS user and restored the pg_hba.conf file to its state prior to installing unicornscan as these changes were only necessary to facilitate the install process.
    If you've already installed, you can accomplish the same by executing the following:

    where <username> is the name you selected for the unicornscan database user:
    root@bt:~# deluser <username>
    if you chose to keep the existing PostgreSQL on 7175:
    root@bt:~# cp /opt/framework3/postgresql/data/pg_hba.conf.orig /opt/framework3/postgresql/data/pg_hba.conf
    NOTE: BT5-R1 users. If you are trying to run the postgresql/unicornscan installation, you will need to do the following first:
    root@bt:~# ln -s /opt/framework /opt/framework3
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    Default Re: Unicornscan (with PostgreSQL and web front end) Install Script

    Awesome man! Haven't tried it yet, but this is what I was looking for!

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