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Thread: BUG: yersinia - ncurses - BT5 - KDE - x86_64

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    Default BUG: yersinia - ncurses - BT5 - KDE - x86_64

    Well, When I use:

    yersinia -I
    The program starts, but it does not respond. I think that Yersinia try to manage the interface.

    Please repair the bug, yersinia is a great tool.



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    Default Re: BUG: yersinia - ncurses - BT5 - KDE - x86_64

    Are you sure this is a Backtrack error ? and not a yersinia one ?
    Also I don't understand what you mean by "not respond":

    root@evilbox:~# yersinia -I
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    Default Re: BUG: yersinia - ncurses - BT5 - KDE - x86_64

    Seems that interactive mode does hang up.
    However the other modes appear to work just fine. We will look into it, but it is probably an upstream bug (yersinia).
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