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Thread: What's this error in sslstrip?

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    Default Re: What's this error in sslstrip?

    Hello guys!

    I had the same problem with sslstrip working with ettercap. I have been installed the 0.9 version of sslstrip on my BT5, but it doesn't solve my problem.

    Before installing the sslstrip 0.9, I couldn't login to the site "Gmail" or "Facebook".

    I had a looping problem logging into the site, and now I have success logging, but the error message don't been fixed. This version don't fix the connection with Ettercap yet.

    Can someone help me?

    Thank guys!

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    Default Re: What's this error in sslstrip?

    Quote Originally Posted by GrumpyOldGuy View Post
    J0hnny - any insight on how Ettercap parses login/pass data? I'd like to mod my installation so that additional logins/passes show up in the xterm window instead of having to read the log files manually. Just don't know where to mod Ettercap.
    Yep, here's a good article about how ettercap parses the data it displays in the terminal window..

    also scroll down to the filters/scripts section of this tutorial for some good info..

    not sure if that answers your question directly but it's a good place to look into.. I would think it wouldnt be too hard to write a script that filters for customized domains and pipe the output to the terminal in a msg..

    oh an 'man etterfilter' has some good info too

    still haven't had the time to tackle the sslstrip problem in bt5 but as it seems from the above post 0.9 fixed the issues as suspected. I'll run over to moxies blog and pick it up then install it in the bt5 vm i've been testing with.. i'm still runnin 4 off hd for day to day use until some of the bugs are worked out of 5 but it looks great so far!! i love me some gnome!

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    Default Re: What's this error in sslstrip?

    Thanks man, those are great places for me to start. It never fails to surprise me that I can look pretty hard in Google and yet miss things that seem like they should be obvious. Much appreciated!

    And now, back to installing BT5, and jumping into the fray of that sslstrip fix :-)

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