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Thread: Bt5 and java?

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    Default Bt5 and java?

    Okay, so Everytime I run a .jar or java web app it crashes. I want to uninstall java on bt5 and reinstall it, to see If that helps, which it probably won't... Also I was wondering how I install eclipse on bt5. And plz mr admin don't tell me to get my l337 on and go read some stuff like last time because I've been reading all day and now my brain is hurting. ;( also I have a final soon on java so if you could reply that would make me happy.

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    Default Re: Bt5 and java?

    Yes removing java will cause problems since some of the tools depend on certain versions and libraries.
    BackTrack is a specialized distro for specific purposes. Doing what you are trying to do is bound to break things and we will not be able to provide any support for it.
    My advice get ubuntu and then apt-get install eclipse. I run it on a separate machine and have no problems at all.
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