IBM Lenovo T60, BT 2.6.38 #1, ALFA 36H

Using the inbuilt wireless I have no problems associating with WEP and WPA access points.

With a USB ALFA 36H adaptor when associating with a WEP encryption access point the laptop kernel panics and locks with the last message stating a failed trace.

the process which occurs every time is as follows:

rmmod rtl8187 (this driver does not work with my card and didn't in B4R2 either)
modprobe r8187
iwconfig wlan1 essid ssid
iwconfig wlan1 key s:key
ifconfig wlan1 up

iwconfig then shows the card coming up, attempting to associate and then at the moment of association, the device panics and then locks. Only a power reboot will recover the device.
Note that the device is fine when being used to associate with open access points and can be used with airmon-ng, airodump-ng and aireplay-ng to succesfully recover enough IV's to crack the WEP key.