Hey there everyone, first off I'd like to thank all the great people at BT who made this swiss army knife of tools possible! You Rock!

So here is the problem. I'm using a BT4 final live cd and Aircrack on my router. I try to inject but I cannot for the life of me get some IV's!! Here's some information about my setup and things I've tried:

* I have an Acer 4736G Laptop (dunno if that helps)
* It has an intel 5100 AGN Wifi card, that uses the iwlagn drivers in BT4
* My router is a Dlink DIR-600
* Injection test is working fine (or so it says)
* I've attempted to do arp replay attack but I got 54 ARP's after 20 mins and 130K packets sent and no deAuth packets
* I tried to the the chopchop attack from Xploitz video I saw here, but it says the fragmentation failed.

question, is my wifi card just not compatible? Or, am I doing something wrong? Any tips you'd like to suggest?

Thanks in advance to anyone who responds!