Hi comaX. many thanks for this wonderful script. I have read through all 18 pages of comments and also had watched the video. I have downloaded and installed the script in my machine. Everything seems to run smooth however when I login to twitter / hotmail (I am manually typing the login / password) I do not get these captured. Please note that I have also use yamas -e option too. I am sure there is some settings in my machine which needs to be fixed but I just do not know which needs fixing.

My Machine:
BackTrack 5 R2 Gnome 64 bit : Linux bt 3.2.6 x86_64 GNU/Linux : HDD installed.

Note the messages as I launch yamas

 [+] Cleaning iptables 
[-] Cleaned.

 [+] Activating IP forwarding... 
[-] Activated.

 [+] Configuring iptables... 
 To what port should the traffic be redirected to? (default = 8080)

Port 8080 selected as default.

 From what port should the traffic be redirected to? (default = 80)

Port 80 selected as default.

 Traffic from port 80 will be redirected to port 8080 
[-] Traffic rerouted

 [+] Activating sslstrip... 
Choose filename to output : (default = yamas)

 Sslstrip will be listening on port 8080 and outputting log in /tmp/yamas.txt

sslstrip 0.9 by Moxie Marlinspike running...

 [-] Sslstrip is running.

 [+] Activating ARP cache poisoning... 

Gateway :      Interface : wlan0

Enter IP gateway adress or press enter to use selected as default.

What interface would you like to use? It should match IP gateway as shown above. Press enter to use wlan0.

wlan0 selected as default.

We will target the whole network as default. You can discover hosts and enter IP(s) manually by entering D.
Press enter to default.

 Targeting the whole network on on wlan0 with ARPspoof
[-] Arp cache poisoning is launched.  Keep new window(s) running. 

 Attack should be running smooth, enjoy.

Attack is running. You can :
1. Rescan network.
2. Add a target (useless if targeting whole network).
3. Display ASCII correspondence table.
4. Real-time parsing...
5. Misc features.
6. Quit properly.

Enter the number of the desired option.
Please note the interface and gateway ip are correct.

Many thanks again.