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Hi J0hnnyBrav0

Firt of all I must thank you for easy-creds, it’s an awesome toll and I love it! Much appriciated,
And thank you for interests and offer your help with ettercap,
First issue with ettercap-gtk is when I was scanning for hosts it shut down!
After a day searching the forum and goggling I managed to find a fix for that,
had a problem with arp.poisoning, when I check if the poisoning had a success, it says no poisoning between the 192.168.X.X .> 192.168.X.XX that has been fixed too
now the problem is ettercap-gtk doesn’t show anything like logins and passwds!
My command was simple just ettercap-gtk and of course I have edit etter.conf and uncommented both lines in iptables for linux to be able to read it, am confused to be honest, it could be me not ettercap after all !

your help will be really appreciated,

Kind Regards
Are you running the latest version? We fixed a lot of that. And GTK sucks anyway learn to use the CLI. That sounds like an old issue to me, but I have seen it for Win7 which isn't supported.

Latest version is