Thanks for the continued updates. I haven't had a chance to run it again yet, but am poking through the code. Couple of things:

1. The add_target function doesn't seem to use the target IP in the title. This is done now in the initially created arpspoof commands, just not the ones from the add_target call.

2. I couldn't get the demo video to play. May have just been me. I'll try it again later. I hit the "Demo Video" button and it poped up the viewer, but it just never started. The progress bar kept spinning.

3. In the loop parse, I still don't have any great ideas. It may be better to have a button to request refresh rather than auto refreshing every 5 seconds. At least this way you'd have the chance to scroll through or copy paste if needed. Of course if you can figure out a way to request a pause while it auto refreshes that would be even better. What about if you wrote to a file and then ran the tail command to continually monitor that file for new data and display the tail output in the window: "tail -f filename"