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Thread: Script for sniffing traffic.

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    Post Script for sniffing traffic.

    There are a lot of those scripts, hence the name : Yet Another Mitm Automation Script.
    It was originally made for BT4r2 but I "ported" it to BT5, corrected a few bugs and added a few features.

    I can't post the script here without raising some kind of warning due to massive use of certain words for parsing, but please review the source at
    You will be able to view the source, download the script and view a demo video.

    It works just great for me, so I hope it will for you too.

    Current main features are :
    - Real-time output of creds without definition files : any credential, from any website should show up, as well as the site it was used on !
    - Log parsing for user-friendly output.
    - DNS spoofing once attack is launched
    - Network mapping for host discovery.
    - Can save dumped passwords to file as well as the whole log file.
    - Support for multiple targets on the network, as well as adding targets after attack is launched.
    - Sslstrip checking (existence, executable, directory, check version, update...)
    - Standalone script, updatable, interactive (new !).

    Please don't hesitate to give me your feedback, I'm always looking for new ideas, and ways to improve it !

    Check for more infos, video, other platform versions and an article about how to protect you from it !

    [Current version as of 02/02/2012 : 20120202 ]
    Last edited by comaX; 06-22-2012 at 12:42 AM. Reason: Needed some updates !
    Running both KDE and GNOME BT5 flawlessly. Thank you !

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