Appears to be a bug booting up with full disk encryption via cryptsetup luks/lvm2, it is speratic and inconsistent bug making it hard to troubleshoot. Mabye some of you guys have a better idea whats going on.

I have eliminated the factor of all hardware based issues from various troubleshooting, It does not seem to have the issue with normal versions of Ubuntu x64 10.04.2.

Version: BackTrack 5 x64 Gnome - Default kernel.
Error: Disk with UUID=blahblah123 not found! Dropping to busybox shell!
Occurring: After sitting in a halted state for a period of time, It fails to detect the disk on the next boot. From the busybox shell I run 'cryptsetup luksOpen /dev/sda2 bt_crypt' and it fails to detect the disk. The disk is also not detected with 'ls -la /dev/disk/by-uuid/' at this point.
Volume Setup: Separate Logical Volumes for /root, /home, /swap in group bt_crypt. /boot on a seperate ext3 partition on the same disk.

bt_crypt   UUID=blahblah123  none   luks,retry=1
Dirty Solution: Boot into ubuntu 10.04 normal live CD, unlock the disks, reboot. Seems to fix it for the rest of the day until it's halted cold for another extended period.

Not a cryptsetup pro or anything, if someone can shed some light on the issue I would appreciate it.