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Thread: new splash screen

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    Default Re: new splash screen

    To change the wallpaper right click the desktop and choose Folder View Settings.


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    Default Re: new splash screen

    i didnt notice but thats weird.

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    Default Re: new splash screen

    I was wanting to do this also,7 to change atleast the color to black on the splash screen.

    I have found these files so far in
    root@bt:/boot/ initrdf.img-2.6.38  initrd.img-2.6.38  initrds.img-2.6.38 
    root@bt:/opt/bootsplash/ bootsplash
    root@bt:/usr/bin# ksplashsimple ksplashx ksplashx_scale
    I will mess around more later,may this is a start for you guys.

    Ok so ive been messing around,searching google and few things and i think we need to find this file(KSplashx image.) (or bt5-ksplash)

    well the file/files remain hidden ive found most all ksplash themes but bt5-ksplash dos not appear to exist in any of the theme folders..
    anyway i'll keep looking.

    Well still haven't found the bt5-ksplash theme but i found this witch should help
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    Default Re: new splash screen

    download and install this tool :
    you will change all visual effects, splash and more....
    Good luck
    Handy script, thanks.

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    Default Re: new splash screen

    Quote Originally Posted by infact View Post
    I actually like the Backtrack splash screen. I just dont like the colours. Is there a possibility to edit it e.g. with gimp and then use it. I cant find where the splash screens and their images are saved in.

    Changing the background: right click on desktop -> folder view settings
    Actually, you can find another backtrack background color in file system -> usr -> share -> wallpapers.

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