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Thread: BT5 can't install

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    Default BT5 can't install

    downloaded BT5-KDE-32.iso from both direct and torrent sites

    downloaded BT5-GNOME-32.iso direct

    Checked md5 on all 3 iso's all OK

    Used unetbootin-win-549 to make a USB using all the 3 above iso's all with the same results
    USB boots (both in eeepc and HP laptop ) and displays the BT5 logo screen.
    pressing ESC shows begine mounting root file system
    begine running /scripts/casper-premount

    Can't do anything else

    eeepc does not have CD so I created a live CD using ISO burner on XP box but this refuses to boot Tried all 3 iso's that I down loaded all the same.

    Repeated the same as above this time using BT4 and it works ever time, both USB and live CD.
    Any ideas or poiter please.

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    Default Re: BT5 can't install

    I have the same problem

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    Cool Re: BT5 can't install

    I had the exact same problem as well. I fixed this problem by formatting and deleting my Sandisk Cruzer flash drive's U3 software that is built into the flash drive. I used this utility to get rid of the software: I then used YUMI (I assume unetbootin would work too) and installed Backtrack 5 R1 and I no longer experienced the problem. I can run Backtrack as a live OS now!


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