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Thread: Toshiba laptop can't run KDE

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    Default Toshiba laptop can't run KDE

    Hello I have Toshiba Sattelite a105-s2236 laptop with ATI Radeon Xpress 200m video card which is built into the mother board. At first it was having issues with even booting to the login screen, but after applying "nohotplug" boot parameter it went fine. Now I have another problem. I am booting from Live CD. After login in I type xconf, and then startx, shortly after that I see white flickering screen which signifies about video problem i guess I tried typing ATI but it dies with some kind of "fatal IO error 104" the same error occures when i try startx without xconf
    I searched the forums, but coudn't find an answer so far, perhaps I need to install ati.lzm but for that I need FIRST to install BT on HDD without KDE and I don't know how. SO....

    any ideas?

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    manually configure using xorgconfig
    Frank made me do it!

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    Default Same Graphics card

    I have the same graphics card exactly and i have never had a single problem.
    i do however have a completely different make of laptop (HP Pavilion dv...)
    so im not sure if the graphics card is your problem..


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    Same 200m, 128 dedicate, and it's fine... HPZv6170.

    Try NOT running xconf, and just go startx first. ATI doen't work cause you didn't install it first.

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