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Thread: wireless disconnects after a couple of minutes

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    Unhappy wireless disconnects after a couple of minutes

    well it happens since backtrack 4 actually, same as in another thread of the forum.
    i didnt find any useful answer for this one and i just dunno what to do...

    i have created a short video showing the whole thing and uploaded it

    i am using a usb dongle called levelone wua-0605 which is working on a realtek chipset...
    on my windows drivers folder the driver is "RTL8192su", on the vmware it says "RTL8191S", and on the backtrack the name is shown in the video (from airmon-ng).
    other then that... most of the info is on the vid, and anything else you need just tell me ill try to respond quickly.

    my router is a netgear DGN2200 and i am using a WPA encryption.
    i dont really see anything that could block backtrack from the router like an access list or something i dunno...
    if there are any other names for something that could block please tell me.

    i am running the VMware image of backtrack 5(GNOME 32 bit) on VMware workstation.

    and if you think the dongle is just not supported or something please say i am thinking of buying another cuz of this but i dunno if thats the problem.

    tell me if you need any other info and sorry for my english and the long boring post

    thanks a lot for any info you can help me with, much appreciated ...

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    Default Re: wireless disconnects after a couple of minutes

    try this:

    iwconfig interface power off

    (replace interface with your network adapter, for example wlan0 or wifi0 or whatever0)
    you probably have power management turned on
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    Default Re: wireless disconnects after a couple of minutes

    i get
    Error for wireless request "Set Power Management" (8B2C) :
        SET failed on device wlan0 ; Operation not permitted.
    i am root so its not that.
    in the video you can actually see that if i do an iwconfig, it says power management off anyways.
    notice that its seems more like a driver problem, but i am not experienced enough in linux and dunno how to install drivers.

    thanks a lot for your comment btw.

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