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Thread: BT ARM image optimization

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    Default BT ARM image optimization

    hi All,

    I was just playing with ARM image and found following things posting here so that it might help all..

    1) bt5.img is a 4.8 GB monster not suitable for any vfat partition.

    so to run it on my phone i did the oldest trick

    dd if=/dev/zero of=bt.img seek=3500999999 bs=1 count=1

    and then
    mke2fs bt.img

    creating a new bt.img file of size 3.3 GB (in 1024) and 3.5 in 1000 counts

    now next i need to create a copy of files
    so mounting both img in two directories and running following command will help
    bt5.img mounted in bt5
    bt.img mounted in BT
    cp -R -f bt5/* BT/

    However this will give you error the reason is inode required is too high so we need to format the file in a different format
    mke2fs -N 320000 bt.img
    now copy command will work after mounting again.

    2) After checking the whole tree structure i found 3 things which can save lots of space.
    a) locale's were installed -> install localepurge. 44MB space is freed.
    b) /tmp contained one folder msf3 and one tar.gz of framework.3 <- 400 MB saving.

    now creating a new image file after this results in a compressed img file of <500 MB.

    also i am working on some script set will upload that too....

    I am using as a development focus as i already have eary adopters in there so will be cross posting my latest finding's in this thread.

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    Default Re: BT ARM image optimization

    There's someone on maemo forums that seems to have done something similar with you. Check the link, his post includes a download link of the compressed img.
    It works on my N900 with a 'tiny' problem:key mappings of N900 doesnt seem to work correctly in BT.

    Edit:Gave a shot at the img from the link you gave. Working fine on my N900-still messed up keyboard though-but was kinda slower from SuperDump's from Maemo forums.
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    Default Re: BT ARM image optimization

    Ohk two thing from what i can get from their.

    The method there will definitely work faster coz of two reason's.

    1) N900 has huge inbuild memory and hence they avoid the SDCARD overhead completely.
    2) directly creating a new partition will help also increase performace as img loop mounting will always be slower then the native partition chrooting.

    also the reason for my image being smaller is coz of the reason's specified earlier here itself. Check last portions of my first post....

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