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Thread: Updating Repos

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    Default Updating Repos

    Before I do it, I would like to know if it is ok to update through KPackageKit. If I select Downloadable through the internet
    Proprietary drivers
    Software restricted

    and then do an update will this "break" BackTrack 5?

    These are unchecked at default, and just wondering if it would be harmful selecting them.


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    Default Re: Updating Repos

    We only support the official Backtrack repositories, if you however choose to add others and update your Backtrack will break and we will not support you.
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    Default Re: Updating Repos

    "Will break" for sure? I mean, I would like to use BT as my main and only OS. So I was planning on installing Video Players, codecs, OpenOffice etc.

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    Default Re: Updating Repos

    You can do what you want, if you want to. However, we only support the official Backtrack repositories.

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