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Thread: BT5 workaround problems

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    Default BT5 workaround problems

    Hi, in this post i will put a summary of tweeks to fix or workaround few bugs on my BT5 Gnome 32bit.

    Hardware details: HP G70 120 EM , 3gb ram, Nvidia Gforce9200M, Intel-Dual core 3200.

    *** these tweaks might not work for all hardware.

    After failing to install BT5 via usb and lots of issues installing 64bit, i opted for 32bit, burned and installed via DVD, ( slow burning speed limits issues during installation).

    These are the tweaks i did and now everything is working fine:

    1) download synaptic from the repository
    2) download a tweaking tool from here :
    *** with Ubuntu tweaks you can add extra tools and PPA's ( Do not activate any updates from Software source and dont mess with Kernel).
    3) follow my guide for nvidia installation :
    4) follow my instructions for metasploit here :
    5) every tool i had trouble with, was deleted and re-installed, by activating synaptic, the tool will collect their dependencies and install correctly.

    Ps: this is not a final solution to your bugs and problems, The team is working on fixing everything, so dont take it for granted that this method will work for everyone, i am just trying to help.
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    Default Re: BT5 workaround problems

    Very Nice I actually cannot go to the ubuntu-tweaks website for some odd reason... I did how ever find this website that lets me install it just the same. Thanks for the info...
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