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    Default [HOW-TO] BT5 Automatically: Login / Startx

    Firstly, I know this is a "How-To" and not a fix but when I tried to start a thread in the "How-To's" section it said I have insufficient privileges, so mods feel free to move this thread if you like.

    So, I'll just start with a disclaimer to avoid numerous reply's by saying, Auto logging in as root is not advisable. Do this at your own risk.

    UPDATE: YoMoZ's post describes the simplest way to auto log-in & startx...
    just add this line : su -c root startx 
    in /etc/rc.local
    save and reboot your system

    Install rungetty...
    apt-get install rungetty
    Then, in a terminal type:
    nano /etc/init/tty1.conf
    use the arrow keys to move down to the last line and add a " # " before the line "exec /sbin/getty -8 38400 tty1" ...then copy and paste the following line below it:
    exec /sbin/rungetty tty1 --autologin root
    Once that's done, press Ctrl+O and Enter to save

    Next run the following command:
    nano /root/.bash_profile
    and type "startx" then press Ctrl+O and Enter to save.

    That's it. Reboot!
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