edited** I have the BT5 32bit vmware version

BT4 R2 Fresh install comes with
Aircrack 1.1 r1738

BT5 released with
Aircrack 1.1 r1899

With a fresh install of BT4 R2 I can successfully run airodump and pickup a 4 way handshake on my test network, and successfully run a dictionary to crack it.

With BT5, and the latest r1899 release of aircrack I can run airodump on the same network no changes, and it will tell me it has picked up the 4 way, however when I try to run that same dictionary on the cap it never finds the password. To further test the caps I analyzed the file with cowpatty and it tells me the 4 way was not completed.

I have run this test several times with the same end every time. Is there a patch or something for r1899 that will help with this issue I have not found yet?

I'm not entirely sure if this even belongs in the BT5 forums since I believe it is a aircrack issue not a BT issue. But here it is none the less.