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Thread: Why has Emacs been removed?

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    Default Why has Emacs been removed?

    I use emacs everyday and finding out that it has been removed from BT5 will require me to install it every time I use BT5 as a live disc.

    Please add this back in.

    Thank you

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    Default Re: Why has Emacs been removed?

    Quote Originally Posted by r083rt View Post
    why is evrybody moaning take your finger out of your a** and download it are you people all handicapped this is about the 15th request that ive just posted and gave them the tools
    whats up with everyone cant they use there brains
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    While we appreciate your enthusiasm with helping others in the forums please try to be a bit more courteous in regards. The OP never mentioned his/her inability to install the application in question, but rather made a statement in regards to it being a bit of a PITA or even impossible to do while using BT as a live dvd.

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