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Thread: won't install on my HP Compaq nx7400

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    Default won't install on my HP Compaq nx7400

    Good day-

    I tried three times now to install to HD from the LiveDVD..... everything appears to be good, then it asks to "keep testing" or "reboot".

    I reboot, remove the disk as directed, hit enter and it comes up with nothing but this on a black screen:

    GNU GRUB version 1.98-1ubuntu12

    <some directions for using GRUB>


    thats it,.....

    Any ideas? help?

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    Default Re: won't install on my HP Compaq nx7400

    Hi, can you be more specific ? we need to know more,,,,,,,,
    are u installing gnome or kde??
    did u burn the dvd at what speed?
    is the dvd of a good quality, or a junkie dvd?
    your PC specs..? processor?graphics?ram?
    Unetbootin is working now, go to backtrack Wiki for more info.....

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