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Thread: Issue: startx leaves me with no monitor signal

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    Exclamation Issue: startx leaves me with no monitor signal

    Hi there, first off al start with my system specs, ATI 5770 CrossFire, 1090T AMD 6-core. (i think thats the only important parts for this) Im using 64-bit KDE BT5.

    When i was on the live CD, BT worked great, giving me a resolution of 1680x1050

    As soon as i installed and restarted the computer, i logged in and ran 'startx' i got a message on my monitor (a manufacter message - samsung) 'no signal input'

    I have tried to edit my xconf but there is nothing in the file to edit. its blank. i've tried 'rm' the 4 cache files and fix-vesa wont work, ive tried the automatic reconfig of x server. that also doesnt work, any ideas?

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    Default Re: Issue: startx leaves me with no monitor signal

    When you boot, edit your grub boot command and see what the vga= value is and try setting a different value. See here for different default values -

    You could also try the nomodeset in the grub boot command and see if that works too. See here:

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    Default Re: Issue: startx leaves me with no monitor signal

    I had the exact same problem after the updates, not sure exactly whats going on though I hope there's a fix soon with out having to do all the work arounds.
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