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Thread: How to stop KDE ?

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    Angry How to stop KDE ?


    IĄm using Backtrack R2, and I can only stop my laptop (auto poweroff) with the command:

    shutdown -P -h now

    The problem is that this command works only from the console. If i startx and use that command in a terminal, it only black out the screen, stops the wireless, but it doesnĄt power off.

    Then, I figured:

    OK, just stop KDE, and give the command from the console. But i canĄt stop KDE... IĄve tryed all that I found on google:

    /etc/init.d/kdm stop
    service kdm stop
    stop kdm
    ... etc.

    What is the command to stop the X server ? ... in my case, KDE ?

    Thanks !

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    Default Re: How to stop KDE ?

    Try this command from this link.
    rcxdm stopNot sure if that will solve your problem.

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