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Thread: How do I access the CDROM Drive?

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    Default How do I access the CDROM Drive?

    I have BT on a USB and I have it loaded.

    I have a wordlist burned on a CD that is in the CDROM.

    How do I access the CDROM? I am unfamiliar with Linux, is it a drive (E:\)?



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    there is a choice for multi media menu I believe . you sound like you need to get a six pack and explore every option in the kde menu. have a second computer on hand and when you dont understand something google. If you still don't understand we'd be happy to help if its legal. maby a 12 pack. might be a long night. some nights i stay up all night with my small network ive created, 4 desk tops and 3 wireless laptops and attack back and forth using each tool one at a time and at the same time i google for the man page,owners manual, wiki,ect. I have a real job this is just a hobby so far but someday.........aahhhhhhh...the skys the limit. all it takes is work .

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    i feel helpful this morning....

    open Konqueror
    click Go menu
    select Storage Media
    look at your drive in the list

    please the forum is for BT specific topics, sorry but you will need to learn a little linux by yourself.......Google is our best friends, ask him.... he's very kind....
    Watch your back, your packetz will belong to me soon... xD

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